Magnetic nanoparticles in Biomedical applications

Magnetic nanomaterials have been extensively used for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In the biomedical realm, magnetic nanoparticles are most often used in the form of magnetic beads made by embedding magnetic nanoparticles in a suitable matrix, usually tailor-made to meet the requirements for specific applications.

The magnetic nanomaterials in a majority of biomedical and life science applications are in the form of ferrofluids, which are stable dispersions of magnetic beads in an aqueous or organic carrier medium. Nevertheless, the physical properties of the beads (such as the content of iron oxide which determines its behavior) need to be attentively designed.

Our scientists make the different kits with magnetic beads. They conjugate different chemical groups, antibodies, and proteins to bind the target which recognizes the pathogens or overexpressed genes from patients.


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