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Magnetic World

Magnetic Nanoparticle In Medicine

Magnetic Nano-particle has specific feature to conjugate verity of bio-marker to recognize corresponding cells, proteins, virus and DNA. The nanoparticles can be catch by magnet. The specific feature allow us to sturdy micro world

Magnetic Nanoparticles Isolation

Isolating DNA, Protein, Cells and pathogen etc. with magnetic beads is a novel technology. It has been utilized in many different field, such as clinic diagnosis, treatment, agriculture and Criminals sample testing etc. We have developed genomic DNA isolation kits from blood, saliva, tissue urine and stool. Quantity and quality of Purified DNA is very high. It is ready to use for any downstream application. Other Transfection using magnetic nanoparticle is developing.

DNA extraction by magnetic beads

Our laboratory facility

Our laboratory has ISO 7 clean-room. It guarantees our isolation kits to qualify FDA request for clinic use. 

Our laboratory located in National incubator in Rochester NY USA and Hangzhou China

The incubator has more 1000 companies. There are two big equipment center with biotech and chemical, for example Mess spectrometer , Confocal microscopy fluorescent microscopy, NMR and other molecular and cellular biology. It is fully satisfied our needs. 

Incubator Building

Choose products that you need

Magnetic Beads

You can find different beads that you need

Whole blood

Solid Sample DNA Extraction

Tissue, cells and Blood etc.

Plasmid DNA Extraction

Extract plasmid DNA from bacterial

Whole Blood gDNA extraction kit

Liquid sample DNA Extraction

Extract DNA from serum, plasma, urine, saliva, ascites and lavage 

Extracted DNA by our kits

Plasmid DNA
plasmid DNA
Saliva DNA/RNA
DNA/RNA from Human Saliva
DNA/RNA from mice musle
DNA/RNA from mice musule
DNA/RNA from slides of breast tissue