Cell RNA & DNA extraction (total nucleic acid) with magnetic beads 50 prep




Cell RNA/DNA extraction kit. Magnetic bead-based RNA/DNA  isolation—GeneNano RNA/DNA

Cell RNA/DNA extraction kit.

Extract high-quality Total nucleic acid (TNA) from Saliva or Swab Transport Media samples using magnetic technology.  The kit also can extract TNA from viruses from silica and swab transmit buffer.

The sample volume is about 200-300 µl.
Magnetic beads for total RNA purification
This protocol describes a high-throughput magnetic bead-based protocol to purify total nucleic acid (TNA) from mammalian cells.
GeneNano® RNA is based on magnetic-bead and silica-membrane technologies and is designed for rapid manual or automated small-scale preparation of highly pure total RNA from tissue or cell sample.
Typically, 96 samples can be purified in less than 120 minutes on common automation platforms. The kit provides reagents for the purification of up to 30 µg of pure RNA from samples (e.g., 20 mg tissue or 2 x 106 cells). Depending on the elution volume used, concentrations of 10–30 ng/µl can be obtained. Recombinant DNase I is included in the kit to obtain RNA of the highest purity.


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