Transfection reagent Transgen (2 ml) with more than 70-80% transfection efficiency




TransGen is a transfection reagent. It works in vitro and in vivo. Each vial has 2 ml.

TransGen is synthesized by Genenano. The concentration is 1 mg/ml.

It has been used successfully to transfect three plasmids for lentivirus and AAV viral particle generation.

It is powerful, trusted, and cost-effective transient transfection reagent. In HEK293 and CHO expression systems, it offers consistently high gene expression on a wide scale (96 well plates up to 100 L bioreactors).

It is very easy to use. We also provide the transfection medium for your transfection.

Normally, The transfection ratio is 1:3 (DNA: TransGen) in micrograms.


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