6×50 ml Magnetic rack with 24 pieces of strong neodymium magnet


6×50 ml magnetic rack separator, very suitable for purification of the plasmid DNA in Midi-prep and Max-prep scales. Also can use for large-scale protein purification with Nickel NTA magnetic beads.

6×50 ml magnetic rack has 24 pieces of strong neodymium magnet. It is speedy and efficient to absorb magnetic nanoparticles. Even though magnetic nanoparticles are smaller than 4 nm, the rack can quickly catch the nanoparticles very quickly.  See pictures. We have the plasmids extraction kits for Max-prep and Endo-free Midi-prep.
We also have another separation rack for 24 Eppendorf tubes and 12×15 ml tubes.
It is suitable for plasmids extraction in midi- and max-prep scales. It will sort cells with magnetic beads conjugated cell surface antibodies.
Our magnetic nanoparticle purification system makes the extraction of plasmid DNA easy and fast with high quality and quantity. We have different sizes of plasmid DNA extraction scales. You will save money and time compared conventional method.
Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

1 review for 6×50 ml Magnetic rack with 24 pieces of strong neodymium magnet

  1. Johnguo

    It is a great rack with 24 pieces of very strong magnets. we can handle 6-50 ml tubes in one time.

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