Magnetic Separation Rack 12-15 ml & 24-eppendorf tubes strong magnet


The separation magnetic rack is for 24-Eppendorf tubes and 12-15 ml tubes. It is made of nylon material against some of the organic solvents damage and lasts longer.

Rack-M001 Magnetic Separation Rack for 24-1.5 ml and 12-15 ml Tubes lab Tools. Strong magnet.

The magnetic bead separation rack is 24 holes for Eppendorf tubes and 12 holes for 15 ml tubes. It is weight 258 g, length 160 mm*width 48.5 mm*height 62 mm.  It is very convenient to use with high magnet absorption.

This Magnetic Separator is well-fitting our GeneNano DNA/RNA extraction Kits. The 24-12 well Magnetic Separator contains 12 neodymium magnets that are perfectly aligned with the wells of a 24-12 well for the efficient processing of DNA bound to magnetic beads.

GeneNano Technology is a novel magnetic bead-based technology that provides a method for reliably and efficiently purifying DNA without centrifugation steps. and high yield.

If you need a big magnetic rack,  you can find one 6-50 ml separation rack.


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