GEL PCR DNA fragment extraction & purification kit (50T)



Gel PCR DNA fragment Purification Kit  Digestion Ligation Gene Cloning, 

Gel Extraction / PCR Purification Kit (50preps)

The Plasmids DNA extraction kit can be found here.

GEL PCR DNA fragment or PCR DNA fragment Purification Kit (50preps)
Our Gel Extraction /PCR Product DNA fragment isolation kit is used magnetic beads so that it is convenient to use and saves money, time, and laboratory space.

The purification procedure removes primers, nucleotides, enzymes, salts, ethidium bromide, and other impurities in your DNA-containing solutions.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Efficient extraction of DNA fragments from 50-bp to 25-kbp
  • High purity of DNA (A260/A280=1.7~1.9)
  • Recover DNA fragments from regular or low-melting-point agarose gels in TAE or TBE buffer
  • Elute DNA with just 15~30 µl elution buffer or ddH2O
  • Recovery up to 98%
  • Preparation time: 10~15 minutes
  • No shearing of large DNA fragments
  • washing buffer-free DNA fragment
  • Increase cloning efficiency
  • Fast purification process
  • No centrifuge needed
DNA purified with the Gel/PCR DNA Isolation System can be used directly in most applications, including:
  • Sequencing
  • PCR
  • Restriction digestion & modifying enzymatic reaction
  • DNA ligation for cloning
  • Labeling & hybridization

Are you still using column DNA isolation kits, gel extraction kits, and PCR clean-up kits? Switch to our kits now to enjoy the high yield recovery.

Switch your Gel extraction kit and PCR clean-up kit to ours and start enjoying the fast purification with magnetic beads.

Basically, an average of 100 µg of gel and adding 300 µl dissolves the buffer

Reagents volume
Gel Dissolve buffer (GDB) 15 ml
Magnetic Beads (2mg/ml) 5 ml
Wash buffer (WB) 9 ml and add 36 ml of Ethanol
Elution buffer 2 ml
Ethanol Not included
Binding buffer Isopropanol Not included

You also can find it in the eBay Gel PCR DNA extraction kit


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