Urine cell DNA/RNA extract Kit with magnetic beads



Extract DNA or RNA from urine cells with magnetic nanoparticles

Urine cell DNA/RNA extract Kits (50T) with magnetic beads (PDF)

The protocol can obtain DNA and RNA. If you want to extract DNA only, you need to use RNase to remove RNA. This will increase the purity of DNA. If you want to extract RNA only, you need to avoid all RNase contamination. All reagents we provided are sterilized. 

Components volume
Lysis buffer 20 ml
Magnetic beads (5 mg/ml) 20 ml
Binding buffer (Isopropanol) 80 ml
Wash buffer 75 ml
Elution Buffer (DEPC) 2 ml


1, 2×50 ml urine is centrifuged at 4 ℃ or room temperature and speed at 2500 RPM for 10 min.
2, Discard urine supernatant carefully and transfer about 1 ml pellet in two Eppendorf tubes and centrifuge in 8000 RPM for 5 min.
3, Discard the supernatant and add 1 ml lysis buffer and mix well. Make cells completely dissolved.
4, Add 400 µl of magnetic beads in the mixture and rotate for 1 min.
4, Add 1.6 ml Isopropanol in a 15 ml tube and mix it in the rotation for 5 min.
5, Setup on the magnet for 1 min, remove supernatant.
6, Add 0.5 ml wash buffer and transfer them to Eppendorf tubes. Vortex 10 seconds.
7, Set it on a magnetic rack for 1 min and discard the supernatant.
8, Wash the beads three times by repeating step 6.
9, Remove wash buffer completely and dry it in vacuum for 5 min at room temperature.
Note: To remove the residue of alcohol, you also can use cold DEPC water to quickly wash the beads
10, Add 100 µl elution buffer (TE pH.8.0) to elute the first time and add 60 µl to elute the second time.

Whole blood DNA extraction kit.


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