Whole blood genomic DNA extraction (100 Test) High yield and quality



High yield and quality. easy manipulation of short processing. The whole process is short. No centrifuge is needed.

GeneNano Whole blood gDNA extraction Kit using magnetic beads, 100 Preps, (PDF)

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The GeneNanoTM  Whole blood genomic DNA extraction Kit provides a simple and rapid method for the isolation of gDNA from whole blood with one-step lysis. We have other kits to isolate genomic DNA from tissue, FFPE, plasma, saliva, and urine, etc. If interested in them, please check our website GeneNano.com.


It is a quick and efficient way to extract whole blood gDNA (100ul) with magnetic beads.

It is reliable, high recovery, and high quality.

Whole procedure about 30 min Recovery ratio: about 4-6 µg, Purity (260/280)>1.7

You do not need to transfer to the columns. Simply add magnetic nanoparticles (MNP). DNA will be absorbed on the MNP. After two washes, DNA is eluted by elution buffer. The procedure is short. Special MNP binding to DNA is very efficient, while RNA, other proteins, and cellular fragments are easily removed during washing. MNP method provided a high yield (about 5 micrograms) and high quality (260/280>1.7, 260/230>1.4). Purified DNA can be directly used for most applications such as Next-generation sequencing, PCR, Southern blotting, sequencing, and restriction enzyme digestion.


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